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Ecochar is valuable in a variety of ways:

Soil Amendment:  Ecochar deposits the carbon and nutrients from the source material back into the ground.  This not only enriches the soil, but does so in a form that isn't susceptible to nutrient leeching/run-off, due to the absorbent nature of the char.

Vital Force: Our proprietary blend of ingredients includes everything plants need to succeed.

Animal Bedding:  Ecochar is highly effective at moisture and ammonia reduction, leading to a more pleasant environment and healthier animals.  In poultry houses, weight gain consistently increased due to reduced ammonia and moisture content.  An ammonia reduction of 30% was observed when using char in horse stalls.

Odor Control:  Activated carbon is an essential part of most odor filtration devices.  Ecochar has been proven to be effective in odor reduction, and is viable as a filter medium.  An example of its effectiveness comes from a customer, who stated they were cleaning our their guinea pig and rabbit cages every two days, and were able to reduce the frequency to every two weeks after the addition of char to their litter.

Water Filtration:  The ability of Ecochar to filter and absorb fine particulate also makes it great for use in removing unwanted contaminants from water sources.

Moisture Retention:  Ecochar is able to absorb 2-5 times its weight in water, depending on the source material of the char.  When used agriculturally, this allows for a significant reduction of water usage due to avoidance of runoff.

Mushroom Substrate:  It is an effective replacement for peat moss as a casing layer when growing mushrooms.

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