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         Ecochar is our trademarked version of biochar, a product made from gasifying organic feedstocks.  It contains the majority of the carbon and nutrients found in the source material.  Ecochar also provides many other benefits, such as water and nutrient retention, due to the composition of the char.  We have products made from a variety of fuels, each of which has a combination of unique characteristics that makes them valuable in many applications.  For more information about the uses of Ecochar, see our Applications page.
         The goal of Ecochar is to maximize the value of waste streams while helping to improve the environment.  Ecochar helps solve environmental issues by providing an alternative to harmful chemical products.  As stated above, Ecochar is the product of gasification.  Our systems include the following:
To purchase Ecochar or Vital Force, visit our shop here.  If you have any questions about our technology, installations, products, or general inquiries, contact Shane McGolden at 812-455-9258 or
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