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Growth Comparisons

All plants shown were grown using Vital Force Soil Energizer, a formulation created using Ecochar as a base product. Ecochar is our trademarked version of biochar, which is a combination of carbon and mineral ash from the original feed material.


The gallery above shows the growth cycle of Geraniums and Impatiens grown together in two separate containers.  Because it was the smaller of the two, the pot on the left had Vital Force Soil Energizer added to it at the start of the season.  The dates are shown below each photo.


Initially, the plant on the right seemed to have a higher rate of growth, particularly flowers.  As the season went on, however, increased growth and plant health becomes evident in the pot with Vital Force, as it matches and then exceeds the growth in the other pot.  It's also easy to see the greater overall level of plant health, as indicated by the darker green coloring and more lush, vibrant foliage.  The pot without Vital Force also withers and is practically dead while the other pot is still thriving, further showing the increased plant health, and therefore resilience. 


The inclusion of Flowers & Fruits 'N' More would lead to a faster transition into the flowering cycle, as well as a higher yield, but isn't necessary to see increased overall plant health. Vital Force products are formulated to provide the best helping hand we can give to nature, and the results speak for themselves!

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